Arunima Resort Goalf Club At Norail

Arunima Resort Goalf Club

Arunima Resort Golf Club also known as Arunima Eco Resort. It is located in the Panipara village of Naragati in Narail district. Its location with 50 acres of land. In 2010, Arunima Resort became the first in the competition among the best resorts in the country. Golf, tennis, table tennis, chess, ludo, badminton, basketball, etc. are available to spend time here. There are several types of boats, horse-drawn carriages, etc. for recreation. There are also own vans and rickshaws inside the park. Guests can also visit the park in vans and rickshaws.

Arunima Resort Goalf Club

There are a total of 19 small and large ponds here. There is a large lake. There are benches and swings hanging from the trees to sit on the shores of the lake. There are 4 bamboo bridges over the lake. In the middle of this lake is an artificial island with restaurants, cottages, and conference rooms. Conference rooms can seat 200 to 600 people at a time. There are all kinds of facilities for organizing big events here.

Inside the resort, there are lots of different species of fish in the ponds and lake water. Guests can fish with a fishing rod for 100 rupees. There is also a system of joy for children. They will be able to fish in shallow water. For this, you have to buy a ticket worth 30 rupees. There are nice arrangements for overnight stays here.

Beautiful accommodations like SM Sultan Hall, Royal Cottage, Madhumati Nabaganga Cottage, and Island Cottage have been prepared for the guests. You can find out how much it costs to stay here for one night.

Ticket price:

Tickets costing Rs 100 are required to enter the resort. There is a 50% discount per capita for those who go on a picnic.


Phone: +8 01716431210, +8 017116937, +602961526

Hotline: +7 0811422203


Email: [email protected]

How to get there:

From Narail city to Narail city. From there to Arunima Resort. In that case, you can take any vehicle from Narail. Or you can take your own car there.

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