Chouddar Chor At Araihajar

Chouddar Chor

Araihazar is an Upazila in Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. Only 1.30-2.00 hours journey from Dhaka. Everything you want is here. Huge plum / cool garden, date orchard, rural metho path, 125-year-old school, 105-year-old zamindar house, 10/12 chars near the Meghna river. The fun of each char is different, you will get khirai, melon, sweet pumpkin, round potato, sweet potato, onion, watermelon at different times. In the middle of the most interesting river is the 2.10 km long Chauddar Char which has a beach like Kuakata on one side, sand on the other side, soft grass in the middle, several big holes in the grass where you can never forget to lie on the grass. Each hole can seat 10/12 people. Next to it, there is a large area of ​​cough flowers. And what can I say about water, I can’t remember when I last saw such clear blue water near Dhaka.

Chouddar Chor

You can’t stay without seeing the water. No matter how hard you try, the water will not become muddy. In this pasture, you will find eagles, white deer, pankauri, mud stings, and many other species of birds. You will also find a few snails/oysters. The real fun is getting around in the trawler. As you walk around, you will see the way of life of the people along the river, the fishermen are fishing, hundreds of ships are running along the side all day long, suddenly the royal ducks will come down from the side, the flock of native ducks, various species of birds are flying. An amazing scene that will make your mind forget. You have to go back again and again. There is also a stone wharf left by the river, a ferry wharf next to it, you will see the view of the ferry running if you want you can reserve a speed boat and go around the river.

Chouddar Chor

What will you get?

The 3.5 km long Chouddar Chor Char rises in the middle of the Meghna River.

The rainy season

Freshwater, hard sand beach during the rainy season. Those who are going do not get down from the water for 3/4 hours. Next to it is soft grass like velvet, with 2.5 km of cough forest. If it rains more, the char will sink. When the rains subside again, a great beach will emerge. There are fish ponds all around the river, so water hyacinths come to the char and accumulate in the breeze. There are 5/6 more chars. Each is strangely beautiful.

Autumn time

In the middle of the river, a huge 2.5 km long kashaban will grow on the char. The water will be crystal clear, no matter how hard you try, the water will not be muddy. The sand freezes down in 1 minute. The sand below is very hard, there is no fear of quicksand. The sand beach will be 20-30 feet.

During winter

horizon pairs of mustard fields, khirai, potato, melon, sweet pumpkin fields, sesame/linseed fields are planted on the banks of the river. Thousands of birds will get. A great way of life around the river, fishing, buying fish. Much more. The sand beach will be 30-40 feet.

You will also get more

  •  You will also find Katan sari art and towel art at the Latbadi corner on the side of the road. Go straight to buy a good Katan sari at a low price.
  • Hundreds of years old banyan tree
  • Shadasadi Bhuiyan Bari (Zamindar Bari)
  • Araihazar Chowdhury Para Raj Bari (small, broken but great)
  • 5/6 more chars around the river, one by one.
  • Great for all rural roads, cyclists, bikers.
  • The mind will just want to go around with the rickshaw.
  • Mini Potato, Dal Puri, Singara, and Central’s son-in-law’s Malay tea.

Those who want to go and go are those

Who wants to go to the pasture and spread mud, jump into the river water, want to be close to nature, want to sit on the pasture and eat, want to go around the trawler to the beat of the waves.

How to get there

Route 1: Avilas Paribahan bus leaves from Sayedabad. Rent 65 Tk. It will go through Madanpur. Or from Gulistan to Doel / Sadesh Paribahan at Madanpur at Tk 45 and Araihazar’s CNG at Tk 50.

Route 2: Meghla transport bus leaves from Kalabagan. Mistake / Gaussia. Rent 65 Tk. Go down to Gaussia and go a little further to the local CNG market. Rent 30 Tk.

Route 3: Gaussia by local taxi from the 300-foot crossing of the Kuril Flyover. The rent is 65 Tk. Go down to Gaussia and go a little further to the local CNG market. Rent 30 Tk.

How to get there, Khagkanda Ghat by CNG from Araihazar police station for 40 rupees. Chauddar Char can be seen along the ghat. The local trawler will take 20 Tk. Moreover, you can go around with the trawler reserve. Depending on the size and type, it will take 200-400 Tk per hour.

What to eat

At Araihazar you will find some interesting food. Uncle Malai tea at Dastardi More, Zia’s dal puri at Araihazar Bazar, Alu puri in another shop next door (one has a record of 145 meals), dal puri next to Noapara BRAC, many things would be incomplete without eating beef at Nazimuddin Hotel in Gopaldi Bazar.

Where to stay

If anyone wants to go, they can arrange to stay by the river with the char by contacting the following number, if you want you can stay in the post bungalow of Araihazar.

Contact – 01611252500, 01841252500

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