Mowdok Mual Zow Tlang Hill At Bandarban

Mowdok Mual Zowtlang

For a long time, some people considered Jotlang or Modak Mual or Jotlong mountain to be the highest peak in the country. However, NASA satellite data shows that it is the second-highest peak in the country. According to some satellite data, Dumlong is second and Jotlong is third in the Rentlang range.

However, almost all the expeditions got Jotlong Kei 2nd. However, the main feature of Jatlang is not its 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position. Its difficult and arduous ascent path sets it apart from other peaks. All adventurers will say without hesitation that climbing J-Tlong is the most difficult in our country.

J Tlong’s height is 1014 meters or 3327 feet (13 April 2014).

How To Reach Mowdok Mual Zow Tlang Hill

Thanchi by bus or jeep from Bandarban, Remakri Bazar by boat from Thanchi. From there it is a 3-hour walk to Dalian Para. From Dalian Para, one can return to Modak Mual hill in one day.

Where To Stay At Bandarban

Bandarban neighborhoods have arrangements for overnight stays. If you want to camp, you can take the tent.

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