Chagalkanda Waterfall At Chattogram

Chagalkanda Waterfall

The Chagalkanda waterfall trail is a fairly unfamiliar trail. This amazing trail has large lotus waterfalls. Upstream of the big Kamaladaha waterfall there are again 4-5 large and medium waterfalls. One of them is Chagalkanda Jharna. In the north (towards Dhaka) along the highway from Bara Darogar Hat, a brick will be opened first. You have to cross the brick open and take the first dirt road on the right-hand side. If you go some distance along the road and go down to Jhiri and take Jhiri for about 20 minutes, you will see the lotus waterfall in Jhiri.

Chagalkanda Waterfall

Basically, it’s a cascade. Another name of Chagalkanda Jharna is Kamalak Jharna. This 3 step waterfall can be seen only 1 step from below. If you want to see the other 2 steps, you have to go up the fountain. There are many precautions to be taken to get to the top. Very slippery, if a little careless, there is a fear of death with falling limbs. After taking a bath under this fountain, you will be able to walk upstairs in a very cheerful mood. After about 30 minutes of walking, you will see that the path in front has taken the shape of English Y. You will walk on the left-hand side. You will see again that the path has a Y shape in front. Again he will walk on the left-hand side. Thus, one day you will get the 2nd fountain. Whose name is Chagalkanda? Here, before going into the water, check the depth with bamboo or stick.

How to get there

From Dhaka, you have to take any bus bound for Chittagong (fare 400-1200 Tk) to get off at Sitakunda’s Big Darogarhat Bazaar. You can also get off the train at Feni or Chittagong. You can go to Sitakunda and Mirsarai by bus from Shubhpur or Alangkar in Chittagong. You can go from Chittagong (Kadamtali Shubhpur station) by choice, the fare is 80 rupees. You can also go by other means by minibus. From the big Darogar Hat to the brick kiln in Laguna. The next road is a 20-25 minute walk to the east. The first thing you will see is the lotus fountain. The rest of the way you will see the Chagalkanda fountain as soon as you catch the rhyme.

Where to stay

There is no good residential hotel to stay in in Mirsarai, so you have to stay in Sitakunda. However, there are no good quality residential hotels in Sitakunda. There are a few residential hotels inside the market. Hotel Simon, rent 300-500 Tk. Contact: 01827334082, 01825128767. There are post bungalows of government institutions. Besides, you can stay in Bariarhat. There is a residential hotel called Golden and a boarding residential called Jahed. If you want to have a little better meaning, you can have Bhatiari. There are two residential hotels here. Single room non AC 600 Tk. Two bed AC room 1200 Tk.

Where to eat

There are several food hotels in Sitakunda. The food at Al Amin Hotel is good.

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