Rose Garden A Historical Place At Tikatuli

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is located on KM Das Lane in Tikatuli, Old Dhaka, a short distance from the Bulldha Garden. Next to it is the Christian cemetery. The Bangladesh Awami League was formed in 1949 in this Rose Garden. Whitestone sculptures, artificial fountains, fountains, paved ponds, and sculptures in a unique architectural style – a royal garden rose garden. Which has been forever associated with the history of the birth of Bangladesh. In the course of time, Rose Garden is now Rashid Manzil. There are two main gates between the west and north walls of the Rose Garden. Entering through the west gate for entry and exit, there is a wide-open courtyard at first.

Rose Garden

There are some beautiful female statues standing on the stage. There is a rectangular pond in the middle of the east. There is a paved ghat between the east and west sides of the pond. To its east is a two-storey building facing west. Its current name is ‘Rashid Manzil’. There is a beautiful fountain made of bricks and cement in the front yard at the entrance of Rashid Manzil. You have to go to the first floor of Rashid Manzil with a seven-step staircase. It has three arched doors in front of each room in the middle part of the front. Upstairs there is a podium on each arch. The tympanums are decorated with herbaceous designs and stained glass. In front of it is an elliptical balcony on the outside. It has a Corinthian pillar on either side. There is a door on each floor on both sides of the pillars. Each of them has wood veneer blinds and timpenam herb designs and has a wide-open balcony in front. The upper part of the cornice is curved which is decorated with a balustrade design. The middle part has a large canopy with eight corners and arches at the front of the roof. Its roof is covered by a semicircular dome. There are two Corinthian pillars at the two corners of the building with an umbrella design at the top. There are a total of 13 small and large rooms on each floor. After entering the first floor, there is a winding staircase to the left of the west.

The historic Rose Garden has been used as a drama and telefilm shooting spot. The history of the founding of the Rose Garden reveals that Hrishikesh Das was a builder of the house who was a zamindar of Dhaka. Hrishikesh Das went to Baldha Garden one day to see the Jalsa of Baldha Jalsa Ghar. However, he was severely humiliated and had to return.

It is said that just as Ruplal Babu built the Ruplal House after seeing Ahsan Manzil, so Hrishikesh Babu built the Prasadsam Rose Garden at the Jalsa of Baldha Garden. However, in the beginning, he did not build such a palace-like building. At first, he bought 22 bighas of land in the KM Das area. Then he brought soil and roses from different countries of the world and made a rose garden on that land, that was in 1930.

The palace-like building that surrounded the Carinian Pillar in 1931, leaving the rose behind, became known as the Rose Garden. Hrishikesh Das sold the building to businessman Abdur Rashid a few days after it was built. Abdur Rashid’s name is still engraved in the building. The famous Provincial Library was established here, owned by businessman Abdur Rashid. In 1979, Abdur Rashid’s brother Kazi Humayun took possession of the building. From then on, the name of the building became famous as Mr. Humayun’s house. In 1960, Kazi Humayun leased the house to the then film development company Motion Pictures Limited. At that time the building became famous as Bengal Studio. When the Bengal Studio left in 1993, the house was relocated to the Kazi Humayun family. Until then, Kazi Humayun was no more, the building was owned by his descendant Kazi Rakib.

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Open-close schedule

If you want to see the Rose Garden, you have to go out on any other day except holidays. Rose Garden access is closed on closing days.

How to get there

by rickshaw from Gulistan or Jatrabari in Dhaka to Rose Garden in KM Das Lane, Tikatuli. Many rickshaw pullers do not know the Rose Garden. So I have to tell the rickshaw puller to go to Mr. Humayun’s house.

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