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Mahatma Gandhi Ashram At Noakhali

After the riots in 1946, Mahatma Gandhi visited Begumganj Upazila of Noakhali district. He visited a place called Jayag in the present Sonaimuri municipality. And established an ashram named Gandhiji. The trust was initially registered as the Ambika Kaliganga Charitable Trust, but in 1975 it was renamed the Gandhi Ashram Trust. The Gandhi Ashram also […]

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Tita Kha Mosque An Old Mosque At Laxmipur

Tita Khan Mosque The mosque is very ancient. The mosque was discovered in the garden by Hazrat Azim Shah (RA) about three hundred years ago. At that time Hazrat Azim Shah (RA) discovered the mosque in the garden. According to fame, all Hindus and Muslims used to donate generously to this mosque. Currently, the mosque […]

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Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari A Historical Place At Laxmipur

Numerous palaces are a unique symbol of the tradition and beauty of our country. The beauty of these palaces entangled with the memories of the past fascinates all travel lovers. And so the archeological monuments, these ancient zamindar houses are the favorite destination of travelers. Similarly, Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari of aesthetic beauty has become […]

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A Hundred Year Old Banyan Tree At Khagrachhari

Pahararani Khagrachari has a combination of sky-mountains, diversity of tribal culture, and endless greenery. Surrounded by natural beauty and mystery, Khagrachhari Hill District is an ideal place for nature lovers and travelers. The unique beauty of nature is spread all over the district. The diverse lifestyle and natural beauty of this district fascinate everyone. And […]

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