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How To Get To Jhenaidah From All Over The Country

Jhenaidah is a district town in Khulna Division. Jhenaidah is a district rich in date molasses and banana drinks. The southwestern entrance district of Jhenaidah is famous for Jorbangla Mosque, Galakata Mosque, Naldanga Temple, Adina Mosque, Duttnagar Agricultural Farm, Gorar Mosque, Shailkupa Shahi Mosque, Old City Mohammadabad, Asia’s Largest Banyan Tree, Mia Dalan, Shailkupar. Let’s […]

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How To Go To Jessore From All Over The Country

Jessore is a district town in Khulna Division. It is also the oldest district in Bangladesh. As is known from the past history of the district, this region was full of deep forests. Notable in Jessore district are: Jabir Hotel International, Jessore Airport, Dumdum Peer Dhibi, Binodia Family Park in Jessore, Jess Garden Park, Haji […]

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How To Go To Chuadanga From All Over The Country

Chuadanga is a district of the Khulna division. Although not much is known about the history of this district, it is known from various copperplates that it is a very ancient district. Famous in Chuadanga District: Meherun Shishu Park, Kashipur Zamindar Bari, Darshan Keru & Co. Thakurpur Jame Mosque, Tomb, Chuadanga Pan. Let’s find out […]

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How To Go To Khulna From All Over The Country

Sundarbans, Khulna is the beauty district of Mongla. Khulna is the fourth largest district in the country. Some of the famous places of Khulna are: Sundarbans, Bhutiaar Bill, Rana Resort and Amusement Park, Khulna Divisional Museum, Birshreshtha Mohammad Ruhul Amin’s Tomb Complex, Chuknagar Massacre Memorial Senhati Khulna, Birthplace of Poet Krishnachandra Majumdar, Ravi Thakur’s Adid […]

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Nalta Sharif A Dargah Sharif At Satkhira

Bangladesh is a Muslim inhabited country. The state religion of Bangladesh is Islam. Throughout the ages, many saints, mashayekhs, and elders have been born in this country. Many religious men have come to this country to spread Islam and religion. Through whose efforts the flag of Islam has been flown in Bangladesh. Khan Bahadur Ahsan […]

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